T.M. Patel International School is committed to providing absolute security to every student. Our buses are equipped with GPS systems and our school campus, the entry and exit gate are CCTV monitored and all washrooms have been assigned female attendants. We have a well-equipped infirmary with a full-time nurse and an on-call doctor. T.M. Patel International School has been designated as 100% secured and awarded the ‘Green Rating’ by Pearson UK’.

Our safety features comprise of:

Safe Transportation with T.M. Patel International School

At T.M. Patel International School, we also ensure the safety and
security of our students is met not just within the school
campus but also while using the school transportation.

Here are the safety measures that we have:

As a school, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe learning environment for our children. We believe that parents play a crucial role in the safety and security of the children, which is why, we seeks the support of parents to ensure that our students are guided and educated in this aspect of life.